The Land Of Legends

The Land Of Legends – Antalya

“Turkey’s largest life and amusement park with the slogan” within the Rixos World Parks & Entertainment continued to serve since 2016 that The Land of Legends, has managed to become one of the places symbolizing Belek in a few years. The Land of Legends is home to state-of-the-art water slides and a host of adrenaline-filled fun areas for everyone from seven to seventy. In The Land of Legends, which is one of the suitable places for children in Belek, there are many other special activity areas such as a special activity area for children, slides, glass paned pools, a mini zoo where tigers and penguins live.

In addition, the architecture of the theme park, which attracts attention with its interesting and magnificent structure, is signed by Franco Dragone, the founder and art director of Dragone Productions, which has managed to appeal to more than 100 million people with its shows in Las Vegas, Paris, Dubai and Russia.

Why Should I Go? The Land of Legends, children’s club, kindergarten, children’s playground, animation, exhibition halls, handicraft stores, theater hall, walking paths, bicycle and skateboard parks, tennis court, Luna Park, Aquarium, Aquapark, bowling, Fitness Center. serves with a private area. In addition, indoor and outdoor swimming rooms, SPA, Turkish bath, steam room, sauna, massage room and hairdressers, patisseries, cafeterias, vitamin bar, lobby bar, smoothies bar, snack bar and pool bar are among the areas serving in the facility. .

To explain the special areas serving in The Land of Legends one by one: Aqua Park, which consists of units such as fast slides, a crazy river, tidepool and decorative pool; Water Park with white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the wind; Crazy Zone, which has more than 55 water slides, water bottom, 5D cinema, crazy river and tidepool.

Apart from that, the Main Region, which has more than 22 units such as water slides, guitar ball, tidepool and lazy river; The Marine Section, which hosts many areas such as a unit inhabited by the most beautiful creatures of the Mediterranean such as dolphins, sharks and white whales, including tropical fish, a dolphin stadium for 1800 and an underwater safari, also attracts attention. Finally: The view of the view in the 111-meter-long Mystical Castle, which consists of two separate observation terraces of 60 and 42 meters in height, is also enjoyable.