Kale İçi / Old Town

Kale İçi  Old Town– Antalya

Kaleiçi is the name given to the city center surrounded by the sea and land walls within the borders of Antalya’s Muratpaşa district. The streets and structures of Kaleiçi bring the traces of Antalya’s history to the present day. The importance of old houses conveys very useful information not only in terms of architecture, but also about people’s way of life, behavior, traditions and social aspects.

In 1972, Antalya inner port and Kaleiçi district were taken under protection as a “protected area” by the “Real Estate Antiquities and Monuments High Council” due to its unique texture. The Ministry of Tourism was awarded the Golden Apple Tourism Oscar by FİJET (International Tourism Writers Association) on April 28, 1984 for the restoration work of “Antalya-Kaleiçi Complex”. Today, Kaleiçi has become an entertainment center with its hotels, hostels, restaurants and bars.

The streets of Kaleiçi are narrow. They mostly extend from the harbor towards the upper part of the outer walls. Houses may differ according to the economic power of the owners and the purpose of use. But they have many common features. They are generally made of masonry stone and with a tree connection. They all have a street facade and a street-less garden. On the side facing the street, there are very few windows on the first floor. On the upper floor, there are overhangs called “Cumba”, made in accordance with both house and street architecture. These overhangs are decorated with tree ornaments. The center of the houses is the “Taşlıks” with stone floors and opening to the garden on the ground floor. There are resting sofas made of wood in these gizzards. From here, you can pass to the rooms on the ground floor, as well as a staircase to the upper floor. The ground floor is mostly the service part of the house. Rooms with functions such as storage and kitchen are located here. The upper floor is for living. The windows of the rooms of the upper floor are brighter because they are larger. Mostly, these rooms have two rows of windows on top of each other. The upper windows are without glass and consist of wooden cages, the lower windows are of the type that can be opened and closed. The upper windows of the bay windows have small and usually colored glasses. Many houses in Kaleiçi have been restored in accordance with the original. Kaleiçi has become a tourism center with entertainment venues, hostels, restaurants, souvenir shops and antique carpet shops. In addition, the most famous of the historical mosques in Kaleiçi is the Yivli Minaret Mosque, which is also seen as the symbol of Antalya.